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Email Marketing

Generate qualified leads in Canada through a targeted email campaign on specific accounts.

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Funnel optimization


Email Marketing

Project duration

2019 - 2020

Satisfaction rate

Email Marketing

Project overview

Toast wishes to support its team of more than 30 people and supported by more than 400 collaborators in its growth. Toast wants to develop Quebec, but also expand its business territory across Canada. To do so, they called upon the LeadLion team to increase their number of qualified prospects in this territory.

Project execution

We built a list of companies based on Toast's ideal customer persona. We then created a list of relevant contacts working in these companies and applied a cold email strategy to approach them.

  • Generate sales appointments.
  • Build a list of prospects.
  • Start conversations
  • Develop a network across Canada.


Our cold email campaign was a huge success as our objectives were met and more. We were able to build relationships and generate dozens of sales appointments.

  • 79% opening rate
  • 24% click-through rate
  • 50% response rate

Among others, we were able to generate appointments with the following companies:

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