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At LeadLion, we are a team of sales and marketing specialists. We work every day to find high quality potential customers to grow your business.

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Olivier Lambert

The only things Olivier loves more than his dog Samie are sales, entrepreneurship and digital processes. Olivier has developed a powerful expertise focused on marketing and sales for more than 15 years. He is interested in the new technologies of today and tomorrow and focuses on providing his clients with modern tools allowing them to be leaders in their industry.

Olivier Lambert
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Christian Duval

Christian Duval

With his experience in business development for major European and North American manufacturers, Christian loves helping his clients reach the next level. Whether it is to expand your distribution network, open up dialogue with new B2B targets or even improve your internal digital processes, he will be able to support you at all stages and help you achieve your objectives.

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We are their digital performance agency.

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Hear what our amazing customers are saying

“I have been working with the LeadLion team for more than three years and we are very satisfied. We have increased our web presence and improved our conversion rates. I highly recommend!”

Patrick Daneau
Patrick Daneau

“LeadLion help us generate great opportunities here and internationally. They have great expertise and the results speak for themselves.”

Félix Baillargeon
Félix Baillargeon-Ladouceur

“LeadLion understood our needs and it shows in the quality of the rendering. I recommend to anyone who needs a quality digital marketing service.”

Autim Rosenbaum
Austin Rosenbaum
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