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Stand-out of your competition and get what you want: High quality leads. Some wait for their prey, others go after them. That’s what kings of the jungle do. Our unique strategy combines both Outbound Marketing & Social Selling in a way that leaves no one behind.


Line up the deals

Generate sales conversation and get deals signed Here at LeadLion, we help you get in touch with the people you need to approach to grow your business.


Rake in the referrals

Make your way up the ladder. Find out who is in charge and who to chase down. Get access to the people who are ready to buy your products or services.


Farm your prospects

With the LeadLion system, you will not only get hot leads, but you'll also fill your pipeline with prospects that can be nurtured, so that you can close the deal once they're ready.


outbound marketing

Email Outreach.

We connect with your ideal customers, on your behalf, through highly targeted email lists. We will build smooth email sequences to connect and start conversations. Once they reply, we will deliver these leads to you on a silver platter. In the meantime, you can kick up your feet and enjoy your coffe

social selling


We manage your LinkedIn account by visiting & connecting with a massive amount of targeted profiles every single week. When we say massive, we are talking about hundreds of new connections on a weekly basis. Oh, and yeah, they do reply!


inbound marketing

Adwords & Facebook

While a number of leads do connect through our outbound marketing operations, many of these highly targeted prospects may not initially respond. That’s where we shift our hunt into a new direction! We attract these same prospects through AdWords & Facebook retargeting. This ensures they’ll be thinking about you over the next month!

consultation & action


We understand that your busy schedule may not allow you to to manage the thundering herd of leads coming your way. No problem! That’s why we offer a Lead Account Manager who will lend a hand throughout the sales process.


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