Leads Management

Leads Management.

Save time by having a dedicated team manage your inbox and making sure nothing is left behind.

save time


We know you are busy and probably don't need another task on your desk. We take care of your inbox
track your leads

Track your

Sorting everyone in the right folder. We like clean inbox & sorted inbox. That's what we live by.

Optimize Your
Sales Process.

You have a CRM? Great! We will be happy to log everything that smell victory to ensure your success rate


Lead Management To Save Your Time.

We understand that your busy schedule might not allow you to manage the massive amount of leads coming your way. Not a problem! That’s why we offer a Lead Account Manager dedicated to easing your sales process. 

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Sorting Email

All your emails in the right folder for you to see, so you can easily and quickly focus on the hot leads and what matter right now.

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« Money is in the follow-up ». Ever heard that one? It's true if done the right way. Especially in Outbound Marketing.

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Daily Monitoring

Managing an inbox is a daily task. We're always on the watch for hot leads to to make sure no one escape.

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The LeadLion team will be happy to discuss how to manage the leads and how to integrate to your sales process.

“Lead Lion is fantastic. Not only do they book you tons of meetings, they also help you set up your sales process once the leads are in.”

Elena Pomazanova   |   director

Learn to Hunt Leads
Like a Real Lion.

Learn to Hunt Leads Like a Real Lion.

Visit our Resource Centre and learn all you need to start growing your business with more Leads.

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