Email Outreach Services

Email Outreach Services

Connect with your ideal customers and grow your client list with our email strategy.

connect your ideal customers

Connect with
Ideal Customers.

Your ideal customer is right there on the web. LeadLion will help you chase him down and get them to you.
retain your audience


Don't wait for the phone to ring. Effortlessly fill your day with meaningfull sales call straight in your calendar.
source fo leads

Get Quality

Outbound Marketing sometime ask some patience. Be patient, feed them and go for the kill later.


We Hunt Leads for You.

The LeadLion team has developed a proven outbound funnel that is centered around Outreach to dramatically improve your sales effort.

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List Building

Behind every LeadLion success story, there is a great targeted prospect waiting to receive your emails.

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Email Sequence

Expert copy that will speak directly to your prospect, with compelling messages they simply can't ignore.

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Every reply is precious and has to be treated with precision. Subs are designed the finish the chase.

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Data entry

As experienced pride members, we guide and help our clients to manage the wealth of data we generate, so they can make the most of it.


“LeadLion is fantastic. Not only do they book you tons of meetings, they also help you set up your sales process once the leads are in.”

Elena Pomazanova   |   director

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