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Adwords & Facebook Retargeting.

Follow high quality leads wherever they go on the web and guide them into your paws.


Generate Leads

Get forms and phone call coming straight from your website. Who would not want that?
daily flow of leads

Be Present
Be Seen.

Identify, seek, track, and follow until they land on your site and down your sales funnel.
increased brand awareness

Increase Brand

They see you, and they will remember you. Next time you talk to your visitors, they will know who they're up against.


Let Your Clients Come to You.

While a number of leads do connect through our outbound marketing operations, many of these highly targeted prospects may not initially respond. That’s where we shift our hunt into a new direction! We attract these same prospects through AdWords & Facebook retargeting. This ensures they’ll be thinking about you over the next month!

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With cookies, you can follow your prospects daily in their online grazing and establish your businesses' presence.

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Facebook Pixel

Track conversion and learn about your prospects' activities, then pop in while they scroll through facebook.

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Brand Awarness

Make your mark and let your leads know who you are by establishing a presence wherever they browse the

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Landing Page

With a highly-specialized lead-capturing web page, you'll direct your traffic right into your sales funnels.


“LeadLion is fantastic. Not only do they book you tons of meetings, they also help you set up your sales process once the leads are in.”

Elena Pomazanova   |   director

Learn to Hunt Leads
Like a Real Lion.

Learn to Hunt Leads Like a Real Lion.

Visit our Resource Centre and learn all you need to start growing your business with more Leads.

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